Congratulations on purchasing this gift certificate for a Welcome Film! We know your gift recipient will love the experience.


Important: Be sure to fill in the gift recipient's email address, so we can contact them to set up the filming events!


The Filming Experience:
- 1 Filming Event with your pet and the pet owner(s)
- 1 Short interview with the pet parent(s)
- Original music composed just for you

Your Videos:
- 1 three-minute portrait film that combines original footage, the interview, and your photos (if desired) with original music
- 5 short, under one-minute video clips geared towards social media


Please note that all video deliveries will be digital.

Welcome Film Gift Certificate

  • Policies

    When you purchase this gift certificate, be sure to provide the recipient's email address, and we will reach out to them for scheduling and planning. 


    Gift Certificates may be used up to 2 years from the original purchase date.


    Gift Certificates are non-refundable. 


    If the gift recipient is outside of Colorado's Front Range, you may choose to add on a travel fee. Or, they can pay the travel fee on their own at the time of filming. If the gift recipient is international, please contact us so we can work out details.


Gift Certificates

When you purchase a gift certificate, your gift recipient will be sent an attractively designed digital document, and be invited to schedule their filming events.

If you would like us to wait to contact your gift recipient until after a certain date (such as a birthday or anniversary), just let us know at checkout!

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